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Strong case for harnessing space solar power presented in ground-breaking book

Case For Solar Space PowerHOUSTON, January 15, 2014 – One of the foremost experts in the field, John C. Mankins, presents his latest research in The Case for Space Solar Power, now available in print format at and e-book format on

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THE CASE FOR SPACE SOLAR POWER recounts the history of the space solar power concept and summarizes the many different ways in which it might be accomplished.

Specifically, the book describes in detail a highly promising concept – SPS-ALPHA (Solar Power Satellite by means of Arbitrarily Large Phased Array) – and presents a business case comprising applications in space and markets on Earth. It is possible to begin now with technologies that are already at hand, while developing the more advanced technologies that will be needed to deliver power economically to markets on Earth.

The Case for Space Solar Power lays out a path forward that is both achievable and affordable. Within a dozen years, the first multi-megawatt solar pilot plant could be in operation. Getting started could cost less than $10 million over the first 2 years, less than $100 million over the next half dozen years.

Given that space solar power can transform our future in space, and provide a new source of virtually limitless and sustainable energy to markets across the world, the book poses the question, “Why wouldn’t we pursue space solar power?”

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Format: Hardcover
Pages: 493
ISBN: 9780991337002
Ebook: available at

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